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Oat Scone Mix (1 lb)
A scone is a small, lightly sweetened biscuitlike cake.  Our all natural mix, made from unbleac..
Self Rising Apple Pancake Mix  (1 lb)
A great specialty pancake the whole family will love. Our mix contains whole wheat flour, 30% REAL a..
Self Rising Buckwheat Pancake Mix  (2 lb)
An old time favorite with a unique flavor all its own.  Old fashioned goodness made from whole ..
Self Rising Corn Meal Muffin Mix  (2 lb)
A delicious old fashioned flavor. A hearty muffin made from roasted corn meal, wheat flour, powdered..
Self Rising Grandma's Old Fashioned Buttermilk Flannelcake Mix (2 lb)
A light and fluffy favorite, also known as flannelcakes just like Grandma used to make! Versatile mi..
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Self Rising Johnny's Old Fashioned Corn Cake Pancake Mix (2 lb)
A light corn taste that appeals to the corn lover. A delicious supper pancake made from corn, wheat ..
Self Rising Old Fashioned Pancake & Waffle Mix (2 lb)
A hearty blend of three grains sure to please family members from young to old. A great whole grain ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Self Rising Pumpkin Pancake Mix  (1 lb)
A great specialty pancake for chilly fall mornings, as delicious as mom's pumpkin pie! Our mix conta..
Self Rising Sweet Potato Pancake Mix (1 lb)
A delicious specialty pancake even your pickiest eater will love. Naturally sweet, ..
Self Rising Whole Wheat Hotcake Mix (2 lb)
A delicious golden pancake that kids will beg for! A healthy start made from whole wheat flour, powd..
Skillet Cornbread Mix  (1 lb)
A simple, slightly sweet corn bread made from fresh corn meal, unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat f..